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First things first, this is the Hello World post :)

Welcome !

I'm Nico. I like programming, coffee, music, red wine, cheese, and sunsets. This website will mostly be about computer things (for now).

29/06/15 - 17:54


qry is a tiny chained api. Its goal is to simplify the writing of JavaScript and PHP code to build responsive websites that can load almost instantly.

You might think, why wouldn't i use jQuery ?

Well, i made a lot of things with jQuery. It works very well, but i use less than 5% of its features.
Since i wanted to shorten loading times, improve search engines referencing, and be able to make websites that work if JavasScript is disabled, i had to write my own API.

How does it work ?
The same way as jQuery does, it has built-in selector features, chained methods, and useful functions.
Two versions are available : PHP and JS. It allows to build the DOM in the server with the PHP version, depending on the url parameters. The page is then sent to the client and the JS version handles website navigation. the PHP version is not publicly available yet, still working on it.

What's in it ?
See documentation on GitHub.

Does it handle plugins ?
Yes, a default plugin is available in the repo.

Where do i get it ?
This way

Example ? this very website is 100% coded with qry.
14/10/15 - 00:54

Wake on LAN with ActionScript

an ongoing actionscript project requires a feature which allows to power on computers with a mobile device (Android / iOs).

mobile means Depicus' WolCmd (with NativeProcess class) cannot be used
udp broadcast is not supported in Adobe AIR on mobile devices (only works on Windows i think)

after reading WireShark, Wikipedia, WireShark dumps, and writing a test code i managed to wake a computer up. next step : write a ANE extension to test broadcasting on mobile devices with AS3.

[Download: libwake.zip]
-- first version, test only --
tested on Windows 7 SP1, AIR 19

import com.nicopr.Wake;

Wake.wake(macAddress:String, broadcastAddress:String, port:int)

// macAddress hex string with : or - separator
// broadcastAddress ipv4 string xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
// port number
04/11/15 - 03:16

qry coverflow

i was reading this very nice article the other day, and made a qry plugin from Ariya's code to use nice coverflows for the Van Cleef and Arpels exhibition catalogue in Singapore. there are a few things i need to change but it looks pretty nice, feel free to check the source.
a jQuery version is also available.
i also ported the code to AS3 and will share it if some of you are interested.
11/07/16 - 18:49

qry in action

qry was used a few month ago for the first time on a big project. serious game !

both the gameboard and mobile UI are powered by qry.
11/07/16 - 19:22